Jameth Sheridan, N.D.


Jameth Sheridan, N.D.

Co-author of "Uncooking with Jameth and Kim"
President and Co-founder: HealthForce Nutritionals, Inc.

Dr. Jameth Sheridan became interested in health at a very young age. He grew up an avid athlete, and became involved in nutrition’s effects on physical performance. He eventually became a whole food Vegan (NOT a junk food Vegan – BIG difference) and watched his health and performance soar. When he discovered raw foods, his health reached a whole new level. Dr. Sheridan approaches raw foods very scientifically, and has done perhaps the only modern research on of its kind on raw foods including leukocytosis and enzyme temperatures. He and his wife Kim wrote the book Uncooking With Jameth and Kim in 1991. It introduced many new raw food recipes and recipe concepts that have been widely adopted since. Today he writes, researches and produces healing programs and products through HealthForce Nutritionals (www.HealthForce.com) and also conducts on-going research into health excellence, overcoming serious diseases, Veganism, and raw foods (www.rawfoodresearch.com).

Dr. Sheridan has always sought a higher level of health and excellence, and in 1984 his passion for nutrition and health was ignited while participating in competitive athletics. He delved into nutrition and sports nutrition, gave up red meat, hydrogenated oil, white sugar and white flour and moved towards a whole food and plant-based lifestyle. He also started taking many supplements. He got excellent results, and, after a few years, became a full-fledged Vegan, eating mostly whole foods. He has remained Vegan ever since.

Dr. Sheridan discovered raw foods in 1986 through Natural Hygiene, T.C. Fry, the works of Herbert Shelton and others. He gave up all of his supplements and herbs, as they were merely “toxic suppressive potions and elixirs” according to this philosophy. He began to water fast, and became as hard core a raw foodist as anyone could imagine. A whole new world of cleansing and healing opened up to him.

Eventually, Dr. Sheridan discovered the works of Viktoras Kulvinskas, began growing and juicing wheat grass and sprouts, and started exploring “supplements” like algaes, superfoods and herbs (all taboo in Natural Hygiene). He also started dehydrating and making recipes.  With this new approach to raw food Veganism, his health reached another level.

He and his wife Kim presented “Uncooking With Jameth & Kim” workshops all over the country (including being guest chefs at Hippocrates Health Institute) and eventually co-authored the raw food classic book of the same name which includes the original Flax Seed Cracker recipes. They then went on to found HealthForce Nutritionals, which provides unique cleansing and healing products and programs.

Since he discovered raw foods in 1986, Dr. Sheridan has conducted extensive research on raw vegan foods and healing. He makes use of Kirlian photography, live blood cell analysis, traditional blood testing, iridology, and energetic measurements. Dr. Sheridan has established www.rawfoodresearch.com to further this on-going research.  From his research, Dr. Sheridan has learned new reasons why raw vegan foods are so beneficial, and that many long held notions about raw foods were incorrect. 

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